Ben Bennett's biography

(Updated August 2, 2021)

Ben at work (Photo courtesy of Caroline Evans)

I only paint for nice people.

Ben Bennett was born in London, England, moving to Canada in 1978. After working as a grave digger and a ski mechanic,
he moved into journalism in the early 1980s.
While art is his passion today, it was the written word that kept him busy for many years (and even paid some bills.)
He is a former freelance journalist, columnist and publisher, and author of two books:
Never Underestimate the Importance of Corduroy Roads (1989) and co-author with Gail McCormack, of Guelph Against Goliath in 2001.
But most bills were paid by his 25+ years in recycling, the last five as exectuive director of the Municipal Waste Association.
(Oh, and he spent 12 years fighting Walmart at the Ontario Municipal Board, but that's another story - read the book).
He has been painting off and on (with several gaps in between) for 40 years. Originally using oils, he turned to acrylics after moving to Perth in 2016.
Because of his background in local reporting and news photography, Ben is often looking for angles and unusal approaches to his subjects.
He hasn't really settled on one theme in this round of inspiration, but there do seem to be a lot of urban landscapes.
He is a member of the Rideau Lakes Artists' Association and the Manotick Art Association
If any of the paintings on the website catches your eye, please feel free to contact him.

Contact Ben here.

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